Thursday, May 2, 2013

Paradise Creek and Brodhead Creek (Analomink) - May 2nd 2013

Fished Paradise and BHC today from 1230-4 pm. I saw trout rising to naturals on Paradise as soon as my boots got wet. I believe they were little sally stoneflies around a size 14-16. I fished 1/2 the public section and then let an out-of-towner fish the rest since he doesn't have the opportunity to fish it as much as I do. I caught 2 browns and missed a couple of others. I used a yellow stimulator and an orangish sulphur parachute.

On my way home I scouted Cranberry Creek but I couldn't find very much public access. There were areas that weren't posted but that doesn't necessary mean "welcome". I then drove down to the Brodhead Creek near Analomink. This stretch of the BHC is so much nicer than in town. It has tons of boulders. It probably looks the way that the lower BHC use to look like before it was channelized. Gorgeous section! I mostly scouted but I did fish a little bit before I noticed my fly line was severely cracked. The crack was about 5 inches below the welded loop. It’s a mid range orvis fly line and on my 4 weight BBSII reel. It is less than a year old. I contacted the Evening Hatch, where I purchased it, and they're going to make me a new loop before I fish the Lehigh tomorrow and they recommended that I contact orvis directly to try to get new fly line. The guys at the Evening Hatch are great but I doubt I'll buy orvis fly line again. I guess that is why fly fishers always have a back up rod and reel when they're out.

Weather: low 70’s outside air temperature. Water temp was high 50’s. Sunny. No clouds.
Bugs: little yellow sallies, caddis, and a couple of sporadic mayflies.

 Paradise Brown
BHC near Analomink

Yellow Sally?

Cracked Orvis line

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